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Gale Dissertation Research Fellowship 2013

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals has just announced the next Gale Fellowship competition. I was fortunate enough to win the inaugural competition. The prize money and the archive access were great, but more importantly it drew me into the RSVP community and helped me to meet some brilliant scholars and make many new friends. Any PhD students working with nineteenth-century periodicals should take a look. Details of the competition are listed below. Please re-circulate. The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP) is pleased to announce the fifth annual Gale Dissertation Research Fellowship, made possible by the generosity of publisher [...]

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Welsh Newspapers Online – 6 New Titles Added.

Excellent news! Welsh Newspapers Online have added six new titles to their database: Cambrian News 1860 -1910 Cambrian 1804-1910 Cardiff Times 1858 - 1910 Monmouthshire Merlin 1829 - 1884 South Wales Daily Post 1893 -1900 Weekly Mail 1879-1910 I was really impressed with this free-to-access archive when I reviewed it back in March. The new titles represent a significant expansion of the database - particularly in its coverage of South Wales. I've run through my usual set of searches and discovered another example of the 'You Kick the Bucket; We Do the Rest' joke!

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First Look: Gale Artemis

Have you heard about ARTEMIS? Don't worry, it's not another one of the NSA's high-tech spying programs - unless they're looking for terrorists by scrutinizing our ancestors' private communications, which, in the light of recent revelations, isn't actually that implausible. I first became aware of the project a few months ago when I was invited by email to pass judgement on some prospective logos. I picked the other one, which just goes to show how much I know about corporate branding. At the time I wasn't really sure what Artemis was, save for the fact that it was named after [...]

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First Look: Daily Mail Historical Archive

As an academic and bleeding-heart liberal I've long considered it my duty to read The Guardian. It's hard going sometimes, but most days I manage to grit my teeth and get through it. Lately, however, my commitment has started to waver. In my weaker moments I find myself logging onto the Daily Mail website and gawping wondrously at its bi-polar diet of moral outrage and showbiz gossip. It seems that an eight year old American girl has been murdered by a sex offender that her family befriended in a Walmart, but on the plus side Abbey Crouch is showing off her [...]

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Open Access: The $2,950 Book Review

A few months ago I reviewed Leah Price's latest monograph for the European Review of History. How to Do Things with Books in Victorian Britain explores nineteenth-century representations and perceptions of books and other printed objects such as newspapers and religious pamphlets. It's an interesting study and well worth a look for  anybody who works on Victorian print culture. A hardback copy with 350 pages will set you back £15.56 on Amazon - not dirt cheap, but more reasonable than a lot of academic monographs. Still, if you'd prefer to read my review before handing over your hard earned cash then you'll [...]

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The Pleasures of Print 2: This Time It’s Personal

I'm hooked. Back in December I wrote a blog post about the pleasures of handling the original copies of old newspapers. This week, I managed to get my hands on a few more. I've been researching the history of The Times in advance of a guest appearance on Great British Railway Journeys - the popular BBC2 history series presented by Michael Portillo. It was all rather exciting (I even got my hair cut) until my contribution was squeezed out of the tight filming schedule. TV superstardom will have to wait. On the plus side, I ended up ordering a selection of old newspapers and periodicals to [...]

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